The conscience of a blackened street

...impatient to assume the world

death by design (raine)
23 October 1982
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"My ex boyfriend, he big pain in my assholes. I make twittering friend,
he make tweet to friend. I having a favorite band, he start play skin
flute backstage. I get architect job, he make great talk about be
architect. I get iPod, he get iPod Mini. Everyone know it for
girls!!! Great Success!"

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INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

- 20 something in NYC currently on break from architecture school.
I currently work my ass off for a NYC City Agency where i help with drafting, design, and building codes & zoning analysis. Blargh. I mean.. Yay! ok, if you ask me after a long shift.. blargh!

some while ago i traded club kid ennui and bohemian economics for the possibility of form/space making. Basically i loved the city so much i wanted to marry it :P Anyway I found my aesthetic expression was not just limited to art and music, but I still read comic books and go to clubs (or i try anyway).

I'm a few other things - techno-fetishist, amateur sound tinkerer, dual citizen, been called various hybrid subcultural epithets: cyberpunk, rivet-prep, corporate goth, etc. but labels are just shorthand for the fluid but recognizable. I don't begrudge them. I'm generally antisocial anyway and make friends more naturally with people with whom i share mutual interests, mainly musics, sci fi and general avant-nerdiness ...

I listen to mostly IDM and electronica, drum and bass, breakcore, ambient, electro, melodic powernoise, minimalist tech, pops, clicks, glitches, crunches, bitcrushing and databending, but earlier roots are old school industrial, EBM, digital hardcore. As my best friend's little brother put it once:

"what computers listen to when we're not around."

my interest in musical themes of repetition, variation, structure and a fascination with the technological has repeated itself in my intellectual and professional life (no escape ..heh) where in school i was drawn to Italian Futurism, Russian Constructivism, and the deconstructivist, sci fi, or hi tech flavored works of my school days zaha hadid, daniel libeskind, richard rogers. coop himmelblau, thom mayne and my man, Lebbeus Woods... yada yada yada. these days i'm less interested in aesthetics (because i'm not in Studio now i suppose) and more interested with city planning generally, how we interface with things, where we end and our tools/environment begin, etc...

I spend slivers of spare time (time..LOL) reading reading reading, making out with my Canon DSLR, working overtime, trying to get my life back in order after a recent unpleasant bout of Serious Fucking Business. So right now I work a ton, barely have time for answering email farless LJ, but I certainly miss everyone I used to see back in the day but the majority of my real friends from then understand and support me, so i'm lucky. And I share a lovely apartment/life with telecart, who finally made it to the U.S.! So I cautiously dub this phase of my life "happily ever after" :P

But always, always, always, there is a hole in my heart, as i miss my best friend Chris242, every day, and the good old days we shared are always with me. RIP, love. There is nothing I wouldn't trade to have you in the world again for even a day.


"You have for company the best companion you will ever have —
the modest, defeated, plodding workaday self which has a name
and can be identified in public registers in case of accident
or death. But the real self, the one who has taken over the
reins, is almost a stranger. He is the one who is filled with
ideas; he is the one who is writing in the air; he is the one
who, if you become too fascinated with his exploits, will
finally expropriate the old, worn-out self, taking over your
name, your address, your wife, your past, your future. "

-Henry Miller

"Everybody's a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We're
all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve
problems, to fend off madness and chaos."

-David Cronenberg

"As the toiler must live in the city's belly, so
I was compelled to live in its disordered mind."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1939

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